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About us....

We are a group of professional photographers and deejays that have been working the entertainment circle separately for years. As we got to know one another over the years by being hired at the same events (separately), we decided to combine our talents so that our clients would have an easier time finding and booking photographers and deejays for their events.


We have the right people and equipment for any size event. From simple portraits, to full blown block concert jamborees with stage and large video screens included.  

All of our photographers and deejays conduct themselves in a professional manner, dresses accordingly and treats each event as if it was their own. They are also trained to "troubleshoot" if a unexpected situation arises.

We use all high end professional equipment for every event which are cleaned and tested the night before and day of.


We know planning weddings, corporate outings and all types of parties can be very stressful. Our mission is to ease some of that stress by providing you  with a professional photographer and/or deejay that will add a special touch to your event.


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